Free Shipping

For Italy and Europe*

For the Italian territory, shipping is ALWAYS free. For the other countries of Europe*, free shipping will cover orders over € 99.00.
Below this figure, shipping costs for European* destinations (Italy excluding) amount to € 15.00.
If your country is not included in the list of delivery times, please contact our customer service.

* For Corsica and Andorra, the shipping cost is € 20.00, regardless of the amount.

Warranty 100%

24 months products warranty

Alberto Olivero offers a 24-month guarantee on its products for any material and / or manufacturing defects.

During the warranty period, the damaged item will be repaired or, if necessary, replaced.
Before submitting the article, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate request form returned for repair via the online form, with the mandatory receipt / purchase invoice (see section “Request for repair”). Subsequently, the customer will have to wait for the communication from the company in which the requisites necessary for the launching of the file are confirmed; only as a result of this communication, the user can proceed with the return of the product.

Customer Service

From Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

For information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!
Alberto Olivero
Euromaster Evolution S.r.l.

Via Racconigi n.65,
12048 Sommariva del Bosco (CN)

Phone: +39 0172 561503
From Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Alternatively, we recommend that you fill out the form on the contact page or use our mail service (, thanks to which you can also attach images and files related to your problem.

Easy and secure payments

PayPal / Credit Card

You can buy our products simply, quickly and safely, by credit card (Mastercard / Visa) or Paypal.

Once the purchase decision has been made, it will also be possible to request an invoice, entering the company name, the tax code / VAT number and the billing address in the spaces provided.

N.B. The amount will be charged at the end of the purchase process, once the payment details have been entered and the order has been confirmed.

Our values

Stylistic research

We have no satisfaction from immobility.

We like to experiment, to innovate, to explore new ideas giving shape to the future.

That’s why our products are made like no other.

Thinking of you, our designer Alberto has created refined accessories through new shapes, colors, materials and fine details, a reflection of contemporary vitality that preserves the artisan roots.

Italian handmade production

Every centimetre of our products is handmade in Italy and is based on a deep respect for time, as well as traditional processing carried out in a sustainable way.

The passion, experience and dedication of our craftsmen are transferred into Alberto Olivero’s refined accessories, every detail testifies the mastery.

Sustainable raw materials

The leathers we use, exclusively Italian, are selected at the Vicenza tanning pole, whose tradition is among the oldest and best known in the world. They come from food industry waste, allowing us to recover and nobilitate materials that would otherwise be wasted.

Thanks to special craftsmanship, the leather acquires the refinement that makes each of Alberto Olivero’s products unique and precious.

From producer to people

We want to offer everyone the opportunity to buy the real Made in Italy at an affordable price and we do it through direct sale, without using intermediaries that raise prices vainly.

The production of our accessories is made specifically for each customer, according to our philosophy of made to order, making them completely customizable.
From producer to people, this connection creates an emotional and engaging relationship that gives you a unique experience every time.

How we do them

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More sustainable every day

Renewable energy Renewable energy

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Ecodesign Ecodesign

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Waste reduction Waste reduction

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Ethical production Ethical production

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From people

“High quality and wearing the products stand out. Very good!”

referenze Alberto Olivero - Ilaria – Ilaria

“Excellent quality products, very satisfied with my purchases!”

referenze Alberto Olivero - Matilde – Matilde

“I received Alberto Olivero’s travel bag in size S for Christmas. I would like to congratulate the manufacturer because, in addition to the excellent craftsmanship and refined and modern aesthetics, it has countless pockets, very useful to put the keys, smartphone, remote control of the gate, etc. Very comfortable, innovative and beautiful, congratulations!!!”

referenze Alberto Olivero - Daniela – Daniela

“Fresh and interesting products. Super recommended!”

referenze Alberto Olivero - Mario – Mario